My View of the LinkedIn "People Also Viewed"

Submitted by justinomora on Fri, 03/17/2017 - 10:58

"People Also Viewed" is a Block Component of any LinkedIn Profile 

The way I see it is as Follows: Suppose 100,000 People visit the Profile you are looking at. Then LinkedIn computes statistics about where on average those 100,000 People went & landed, then shows you the Top 10 Profiles where they landed.

Same applies to Paid Job Post at LinkedIn, but then what you see is the average of the Top 10 Next Jobs seen by people.

Just by Right Clicking  the Top 10 suggestions, you can go on a on, and spend a whole day working at it, collecting valuable intelligence or making Job Applications. I guess the process is better than search in the Engine. It all depends on your frame of mind at the moment.

What you need to have is a Mix Strategy: Engine Search/Random Walks.