Salary Markets & Compensation Strategies: Modulo V

Establishing the Right & Correct Bidding Compensation Range based on what you experience, what you are targeting and the Market Competitive Forces is critical for your acceptance or rejection of your Job or Passive Application.

Now, in order to stablish a Right Bidding Range you need to do some spreadsheet analysis. You need find out the Cost of Living in your target country and calculate your Expected Net Income = to Expected Revenue R(x) - Cost of Living C(x) - Payroll Deductions including Taxex P(x) - Repatrion % - Long Term Saving %

Now, you need to compare to where you are now. I have a real case fro a Latam Country, where the Candidate had a Capital of USD 3,000, good enough to survive a Search where he was, but he moved to another country and ended up loosing the 3,000 for not making right calculations, and he ended up financing its company until he broke and then could continue living in the country and having to return back.

Across the globe salaries for same position can vary from -50% up to 150%, so better know where you are looking for jobs, what type of market is? and find out the Cost of Living and Taxes. It is very critical. Learn to think in terms of NIAT.

If you are for Capitalizacion, strive for being at the hottest possible market. Be aware of costs of moving and who will pay for, when you are moving from one country into another. Us