Profile Marketing

Profile Marketing to any Country, Market, or Industry Worldwide

  • Notified about imminent firing?
  • Your current assignment is getting to an end?
  • Left unemployed due to the nature of the job market dynamics {Downsizing, Negative Economy Growth, or Oil Market Prices}
  • Want to change Job or Company? or Industry?

Now it is possible to automatically market your LinkedIn Profile against a specific target of Recruiters & Headhunters, Human Resources or Industries in any Country, Region or Market Worldwide {Latam, Mercosur, Nafta, Africa, EMEA, APAC}

Using Advanced LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Technology at about USD 20/45 per 1,000 impressions depending on the market, scope & size of the target population. See for details.

The Size of the Recruiters & Headhunters / Human Resources Populations varies from Country to Country. In some cases the only possible target can be Recruiters & Headhunters due to the huge pool of HR´s or to filter Industries by HR´s Skills.

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The General Outline for a Job Search / Training Project is:

  1. Situational Analysis
  2. Relational Marketing
  3. Market Research, Intelligence & Tracking
  4. Network Development & Managment
  5. Salary Markets & Compensation
  6. Career Planning
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