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Justino Mora, Latam Recruiter

Available for Sourcing Professionals across the CARIBBEAN, NAFTA, LATAM, AFRICA, EMEA, MENA, APAC Regions at 0% - 7.5% of Annual Package.

In the case of the 7.5% Scenario: 12 Month Warranty Replacement Policy, Screening at not less than 90% FIT. First Search on Demo. Mobile Cloud File Transfer. Free, Contingency or Retained Modes.

For Qualified Candidates I am available for Job Search & Profile Marketing  Projecst in the range of USD 160 - 360 per year services. Includes Job Search Training as well as Target Profile Digital Marketing to selected Markets

SKYPE: JustinoMora, WhatsApp/Telegram +58(412)767-9222
Be Precise, Concise, Direct & 2 the Point in your Interaction.
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NAFTA Markets: Canada, USA, Mexico - Central America &Caribbean -  LATAM Mercosur TPP - EMEA MENA: Europe Middle East Africa Caspian Sea  APAC  Australia