Job Search Projects: Process, Methods & Techniques

Local, Regional, or International Job Search? or special cases of  Sponsorship, FIFO, LMIA, IT Remotes?

Problems with Self Analysis & Definition, Industry Targeting, Profile Optimization, Search Techniques, Market Research, Intelligence Collection, Network Development, Salary Markets or just simply lost about what Path to take? in terms of Location, Industries or Business Functions.

Lack of Location Targeting or Immigration Strategy? or Unable to detect Potential Windows of  Immigration / Opportunities?

Don´t know where to start? don´t have expertise or time needed to research, investigate, develop competitive intelligence and track markets?

I can help in your Job Search Problem {Training & Consulting Projects} if you have: 

  • Strong Technical or Managerial Experience 
  • Strong specialization in a given Industry
  • Strong International or Immigration Potential,
  • Enough flexibility, purpose, commitment to decision making /action taking
  • Willing to paid the services.
  • Able to Communicate with me.

Fees for Training & Consulting Projects at USD160 per Country, USD240 per Region. USD360 Worldwide Projects {Region, Markets, Industry or Functions} $10.0 per Hour. 50% Discount on 1º day of my quote. 10% per day, thereafter, counted the moment you receive this quotation, until reaches full price.

Includes CV Job Descriptions/Profile Audits,  LinkedIn Job Search Training in Direct Marketing, Real Time Support, Target/Market Tracking, Network Development, & General Guidance. In the process you will be fully trained in the most relevant LinkedIn & Networking Technologies available at 2017.

Projects are run in the range of 3 to 6 months 2 hours per week, but your services will be valid for a whole year in case you have to start all over.

Special Proyects on Digital Marketing at LinkedIn Rates in cases of Extreme Emergency. But this services ran at USD 20 -45 per 1,000 impressions, in addition to my regular fee. For Profile Marketing Services go

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The General Outline for a Job Search / Training Project is:

  1. Situational Analysis
  2. Relational Marketing & Potential Automated Digital Marketing
  3. Market Research, Intelligence & Tracking
  4. Network Development & Managment
  5. Salary Markets & Compensation
  6. Career Planning
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