Recruiting & Headhunting for Companies

Free, Retained or Contingency Recruiting & Headhunting Worldwide at 0% - 7% of Annual Package.  In the case of the 7.5% Scenario: 12 Month Warranty Replacement Policy, Screening at not less than 90% FIT. First Search on Demo. Mobile Cloud File Transfer. Free, Contingency or Retained Modes.

For Qualified Candidates I am available for Job Search Projects & Relational Marketing  in the range of USD 120 - 165 per year services. Includes Job Search Training as well as Target Profile Digital Marketing to selected Markets. Profile Marketing via LinkedIn Sponsored Updates: $15 - $45 per 1,000 Impressions. Any Country, Market, Function or Industry.
In the case of the 7.5% Fee Sceanario:

  • Resume Sourcing & Screening at not less than 90% Correlation FIT against Job Description Parameters.
  • Phone Interview of candidates for Screening of Expectations and Vocational/Actitude Orientation.
  • Interview Written Report against Job Description Parameters, if required. But fee goes up 2.5%.
  • Results: 30 - 45 days.
  • Warranted results with a 12 Month Replacement Policy.
  • If search is Retained, Cash Advance of not less than 1/3 of agreed fee. Contingency means, you pay if you end up hiring one of my candidates, but I do not assume full closure accountability.
Available for Sourcing Professionals across the CARIBBEAN, NAFTA, LATAM, AFRICA, EMEA, MENA, APAC Regions
SKYPE: JustinoMora, WhatsApp +58(414)3488-110 Us